Is it Safe to Move to Senior Housing Right Now? – Video

June 3, 2020

With the Corona virus being so contagious, should you move now into a senior housing apartment? If you’d like to be sure to get regular updates of Lisa’s weekly videos, you can subscribe to her YouTube Channel. 

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Reverse Mortgage Professional

Introduction to Reverse Mortgages – Video

March 7, 2018

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? A cute apartment in a senior housing community with a pool? A fancy newly built one level townhome? A trendy hip condominium downtown? Once you know the kind of lifestyle you want, you’ll be able to determine if it makes sense to own or rent.  If you…

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Estate Smart Interview

A New Twist on Estate Sales – Video

March 1, 2018

When you’re thinking about moving out of a home you’ve lived in for 40 or 50 years it can sure be overwhelming! In particular when you look around at the 40 or 50 years of stuff that would need to be dealt with. As a real estate agent who specializes in working with seniors, one…

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Wallet with a clamp on it

Call a Realtor early, save money

February 5, 2018

One Reason to Call a Real Estate Agent EARLY.  If you’re in a home today, or you’re trying to make real estate decisions one of your first things to do might be to call a real estate agent in early. This is not a sales pitch, I’ve got strong logic about why this makes sense.…

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RE/MAX Results The Change AGEnts Group

Introduction to Lisa Dunn and The Change AGEnts Group

September 16, 2017

In case you’re wondering who we are and what we do, this is a clip of an introduction at a recent seminar.  Thank you so much for being here today! In this next hour this works much better if it’s more of a conversation than a presentation. I know you have burning questions about real…

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Address book and coffee

Real Estate Agent Referral Fees

September 12, 2017

Does Your Real Estate Agent Get a Referral Fee for Referring You? I thought it would be interesting to have a conversation with you about referrals and referral fees for real estate agents. It is The Change AGEnts Group’s policy to NOT receive referral fees for any business that we refer our clients to. It’s…

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interview handshake

Interviewing real estate agents? What to expect.

September 4, 2017

What are some of the things you can expect to happen when you call a real estate agent to your home? Typically, you would call a real estate agent to do a complimentary consultation to help you develop an idea about how to manage the logistics of your move, and to complete a Comparable Market…

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New Healthcare Proposals and What it Means for Older Adults – video

May 5, 2017

Medical Assistance Most of the conversations our politicians have been focusing on in regard to repealing and replacing Obamacare (or the Affordable Care Act)  are about Medical Assistance. This conversation will have huge impacts for older adults. In Minnesota for every dollar we spend in Medical Assistance the Federal Government matches it, dollar for dollar. For…

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Will I Be Taxed on Capital Gains? -video

May 5, 2017

Hello! I’m Lisa Dunn with RE/MAX Results The Change AGEnts Group live from my mobile office (my car)!  Here we are at the beginning of 2016 and many of the questions we get this time of year are about capital gains tax.  For example: “I sold a home last year, what will that mean for…

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How to Find a Realtor that Specializes in working with Seniors -video

May 2, 2017

Hi, Lisa Dunn with the RE/MAX Results Change AGEnt Group. Yesterday afternoon I was introduced to a gentleman who called himself a “certified senior specialist.” When I asked him where he had received that designation he wasn’t able to tell me. There are more and more real estate agents who are getting into this space…

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