Elder Law

Estate Law with Craig Goldman – Podcast #6

August 27, 2020

Issues surrounding estate law like health care directives, powers of attorney, wills, and trusts can get really confusing really fast. Where do you start? What is the best way to tackle these difficult issues? In this episode, Host Lisa Dunn and Producer Marshall Saunders discuss legal issues facing seniors with Craig Goldman of Goldman Law…

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Big house little house. Estate Recovery

Protecting Your House from Estate Recovery

September 6, 2017

Many people don’t know that after a Medical Assistance recipient dies, the State may attempt to recoup from the decedent’s estate whatever benefits it paid for that individual’s care. Moreover, the State will almost certainly make another claim for those benefits upon the death of the surviving spouse, regardless of whether or not that surviving…

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Grandma reading to her grandson

10 Reasons to Plan Your Estate

August 18, 2017

It’s never to early to have your estate planning completed.  When you sell your house it’s a great time to meet with your elder law attorney.  1. Provide for your immediate family. Don’t just think of money (perhaps through life insurance or other means) – you need to nominate the guardians for your minor children in…

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