Interviewing real estate agents? What to expect.

What are some of the things you can expect to happen when you call a real estate agent to your home?

Typically, you would call a real estate agent to do a complimentary consultation to help you develop an idea about how to manage the logistics of your move, and to complete a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). This gives you an idea of the list price and the closing costs associated with selling your home so you have an idea about what that big fat check will be after you sell your home.

Our Two Step Process

The way The Change AGEnts Group works is to conduct our complimentary consultation in two steps. At the first meeting it’s all about you.  I want to hear about what your concerns are, what wakes you up at night when you think about moving, where you’re moving, when you’re moving, what you’d like to do to the house to get it ready for the market, and how you’d like your move to happen. I want to have a very good idea by the end of that first meeting about what’s important to you.  Secondly, I’ll ask you for a tour of your home, and what recent improvements you’ve made to the home.  Finally, at the end of the meeting, I’ll go away to do my homework. I’ll put pencil to paper and crunch some numbers.

The Second Meeting

At the second meeting we’ll talk about the suggested list price for your home, the closing costs for selling your home, and I’ll also suggest to you a move strategy. That’s something we provide that’s a little different than other agents. Other agents often start by focusing on the house we focus on what’s important to you, and how do we market the home and get it ready to sell in a way that you makes sense for what you said what was important to you. I’ll draft a proposed move strategy that lays out how to manage the logistics of your move. Usually at the end of the second meeting what I hear from people is “I feel so relieved. Thank you for not giving me a punch list of things to do to my home to get it ready for the market.”

We really do try to make this process as smooth and easy and as stress free as it possibly can be. We know this is a really big move for you as it is for most of our clients that have lived in a home for most of their adult lives. When you’re an older adult and downsizing and you’re getting ready to interview real estate agents, you have an idea of what to expect, and an idea of the process we use.

You have an open invitation to reach out to me any time for resources you may need or ideas to make your move a little easier. You can reach me at

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