Interview Questions for Senior Housing Communities

When you visit senior housing communities, the list of the things you want in your next apartment may change. After seeing a couple of model senior apartments you may add or subtract items on and off your wish list.  In addition to the list of what YOU want, be sure to ask questions of the communities in which you are considering living:

  • If (after you move in) you require more services, will they be available to you?
  • At what point would you need to move to another apartment or different senior housing community?
  • Would someone be available to check on you throughout the day?
  • What are the contract requirements? Can I rent month to month?
  • What if you decide you would like to move? What would happen to your contract, or money you’ve already invested?
  • What does the monthly rent include, and what are the costs for additional services?
  • If the community doesn’t provide the services you would like, can you hire a third party to provide those services?
  • What if I’m no longer able to pay for health services?

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