5 Tips to Search for Senior Housing

It can be difficult to find good information about senior housing. Which websites have the most accurate, trust worthy information? How do you know what information to trust?

Here are 5 tips to finding senior housing information on the internet

1. Beware the 1-800 number on Senior Housing Guide websites. The majority of the websites I’ve seen on line only list a fraction of the senior housing communities available. That is likely because those websites charge the senior housing communities to be listed on their website. The 1-800 number provided for you to call will likely go to a phone bank, not directly to the senior housing community you are interested in. From there, the operator will gather your information and will charge a fee to the senior housing community when you sign a lease for an apartment. Sure, it didn’t cost you anything to talk to that nice person over the phone, but it’s going to cost the senior housing community plenty.

2. Don’t “register” on Senior Housing Directory websites – The beauty of the Internet is being able to shop and gather information anonymously without the having to talk with a  salesperson. You should expect to be able to search senior housing without giving out your name and email. You should not have to “register” to be able to search senior housing, only to be contacted by a salesperson before you’re ready.

3.  Don’t believe it just because it’s in writing – Because you read it on the Internet,  it doesn’t mean it’s true. Is there an about us” page where you can get some background on who is providing the information? Are you getting the information from an expert or a ghost writer?

4. The article you’re reading may not have been written in your state so the information may not apply to you – You’ve heard that real estate is all about location location location. The same is true about the senior housing industry and the continuum of services available. Have an understanding of where the information originated from.

5. Don’t go it alone. Enlist the assistance of a local professional. We navigate the senior services maze everyday and can provide you with a compass for your own journey