Senior Housing

Is it “Facility” or “Community?”

August 1, 2016

The words we use matter. Do you use words that preserve independence, empowerment and dignity? Or, do you use words that promote dependence, institutionalization, and degradation? Which do you say? Senior Facility or Senior Community? A community of people do NOT live in a facility. Please see below.  [su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#c5c5c5″ link_color=”#cccccc” margin=”40″]Senior Facility or Senior Community?[/su_divider]…

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5 Tips to Search for Senior Housing

July 17, 2016

It can be difficult to find good information about senior housing. Which websites have the most accurate, trust worthy information? How do you know what information to trust? Here are 5 tips to finding senior housing information on the internet 1. Beware the 1-800 number on Senior Housing Guide websites. The majority of the websites I’ve…

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