What do we do with all the old paper?

Seniors are well advised about identity theft and many of them have personal shredders. Those small home office machines are notorious for jamming, and are frustrating and worthless for handling any significant volume of shredding. They are designed to handle a single, occasional sheet for shredding and are not helpful in clearing a house of a serious backlog of documents.

We really like  a company that does crosscut shredding and charges by the pound. Their machines handle bound items (checkbook blanks); rubber bands; paper clips and staples; and spiral bound notebooks. About the only paper related items it won’t shred are metal 3-ring binders.

You can bring your documents to Shred-It’s Brooklyn Park location on designated Saturday’s where it will be shredded while you watch. You will be charged by the weight, and there is a minimum of $25.

Check their website or call 952-893-0080 for the dates of their upcoming Saturday shredding. Once you try it, you’ll never use your shredder again.