1 or 2 Person Transfer – Word of the Week #3

Word of the Week:
[su_highlight]1 or 2 Person Transfer[/su_highlight]

This is the third in a series of articles to inform you about the language used in senior housing communities. These new vocabulary words will also inform you about what to look for as you shop for your new apartment in a senior housing building.

This is a very simple Word of the Week with some pretty significant implications if you don’t understand what it is and how it will affect you. a 1 or 2 person transfer has to do with how many people it takes to transfer you from you bed to a wheelchair.  If you are in a wheelchair and are able to bear some of your own weight, it likely only takes 1 person. But if you are a larger person or you can’t bear enough of your own weight, it may require 2 people to transfer you.

Lisa, I’m shopping for housing not health care. Why would I care about this?

Because, my friends, if you ever find yourself in need of a 2 person transfer you will want to understand if the senior housing community you chose to live in offers that as a service. Many of the senior housing communities only offer 1 person transfers. The minute you need a 2 person transfer, you will be in the position of having to find a new senior housing community, no matter how long you’ve lived there. So, when you are shopping for senior housing, you’ll want to add this to your list of interview questions.