Realife Cooperative of West St. Paul

170 Emerson Ave., E. West, St. Paul MN 55118

PROPERTY TYPE(s):   Cooperative

One of the most affordable, most convenient living options in the Twin Cities

Create Your New “Real” Life. Our cooperative is a community of 55+ seniors who have chosen to share ownership of a multifamily residential.

Whatever you call it: retirement, downsizing , living in the golden years, or just ​hey, I’m a senior (with discounts!) it can mean new ways of thinking about home.


Property Features
  • Cooperative

Additional Property Details

This is a 55+ building, with 97 units and 3 floors. Please call for information about pets.

Price ranges are offered by the property in order to provide you with some idea of cost. If you do not see any price ranges displayed below, please call or tour the property to learn specifics about what is offered within their price ranges.

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