Realife Cooperative of Coon Rapids

Senior Cooperative

1555 Main St. NW, Coon Rapids MN 55448

Realife Cooperative of Coon Rapids

1555 Main St. NW, Coon Rapids MN 55448

PROPERTY TYPE(s):   Cooperative

Real People, Real Community

Exceptional Quality of Life

Worry-Free Living

Financial Benefits

For over 30 years, Realife Management Services and staff have been creating cooperative housing developments. Each Realife cooperative is set up as an independent not-for-profit cooperative corporation. Members (residents) of the cooperative purchase a share (based on the individual unit size) in the cooperative, giving them the right to live in the development. Collectively, the members/residents/shareholders hold title to the building and property.

Property Features
  • Cooperative

Additional Property Details

This is a 62+ building, with 100 units and 3 floors. This building takes pets.

  • Satellite

Fast Facts about Coon Rapids Senior Housing
  •   Largest city in Anoka County
  •   Offers 48 parks, more than 40 miles of trails

Senior Housing in Coon Rapids

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